Come Alive

You stumble through your days, got your head hung low, your skies' a shade of grey. Like a zombie in a maze, you're asleep inside but you can shake away. 'Cause you're just a dead man walking, thinking that's your only option, but you can flip the switch and brighten up your darkest day. Sun is up and the color's blinding, take the world and redefine it. Leave behind your narrow mind, you'll never be the same. Come alive, come alive, go and ride your light, let it burn so bright. Reaching up to the sky, and it's open wide, you're electrified. 
When the world becomes a fantasy a
nd you're more than you could ever be 'c
ause you're dreaming with your eyes wide open. 
And you know you can't go back again t
o the world that you were living in 'c
ause you're dreaming with your eyes wide open. 
So, come alive! 
I see it in your eyes, y
ou believe that lie t
hat you need to hide your face. 
Afraid to step outside, s
o you lock the door b
ut don't you stay that way. 
No more living in those shadows, y
ou and me we know how that goes. 
'Cause once you see it, oh you'll never, never be the same. 
We'll be the light that's shining, b
ottle up and keep on trying. 
You can prove there's more to you, y
ou cannot be afraid.